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Bulls set up for dud trading deadline?

Look, there’s nothing less reliable than “basketball sources”.   I’ve scared to post any rumors I hear these days simply for the fact that of all the rumors I’ve heard through inside sources, not one has actually ever taken place.    Most trade rumors are plants by agents, management, or players to try and get... Read more »

Bulls shopping Deng too?

According to Ken Berger they are: • In addition to peddling Kirk Hinrich, sources say the Bulls also are exploring interest in Luol Deng, who has four years and $51 million left after this season. Trading both of them – or packaging one of them with Thomas – would provide Chicago with enough cap space... Read more »

Bulls want expiring + 1st for Tyrus

Per Adrian Wojnarowski: Everyone understood Chicago executives are now determined to move Thomas, and a clear price has been established for suitors: Expiring contracts and a 2010 or future first-round draft pick, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Bulls are also exploring ways to package Thomas with guard Kirk Hinrich to free themselves of his... Read more »

Derrick Rose dominates Wizards; hits game winner; lifts Bulls to 2 OT win

The Bulls may have required 2OT to beat the hapless Wizards, but they got the win.   Largely due to Derrick Rose’s career high 37 points and first game winning shot [though it wasn’t a buzzer beater].   Yeah, he took a lot of shots to get his points, and yeah he needs to improve his... Read more »

Bulls crush hapless Pistons; let's talk some Ben Gordon

After a three game losing skid, it’s nice to get a couple of laughers, and the Bulls have delivered their first two real blow outs in consecutive nights.   Sure the Pistons were without Prince, and Ben Gordon could only go a few minutes due to an injury suffered a night ago, but a win... Read more »

Bulls feeding Chicago again, beat the Magic

For the second home game in a row, McDonalds is a little poorer, Chicago is a little fatter, and Bulls fans have something good to talk about.  The real story here is that Derrick Rose looks like he’s turned the corner.   He’s staying aggressive all game long.  He’s getting into the lane and taking better... Read more »

Tracy McGrady wants out, welcome to Chicago [I hope, sort of]

McGrady wants out; waiting to be traded per yahoo sports: A source with knowledge of Monday’s talks said the Rockets would have allowed McGrady to stay, but the guard thought he’d be too much of a distraction to the team. McGrady is making a league-high $23 million in the final year of his contract, and... Read more »

Vinny Del Negro hanging on; left to speak when management bailed on him

Some quotes from the Tribune: “I go on what the people I work with and the people that make those decisions tell me,” Del Negro said about his future. “They’ve been supportive.” “I don’t let it affect myself or the team,” Del Negro said. “I focus on what I can control and that’s our effort... Read more »

The pre-post game, post game, fire VDN

Look, I don’t think it’s his fault.   I don’t think his replacement will be much better.   However, I also don’t think there’s much choice left.   The team has lost 9 of 10 games and almost all of them have been blowouts.   What’s worse than anything else is that the absolute tank... Read more »

Do the Bulls have a plan?

Yes, I realize that is a stupid question given that the Bulls have contracts that expire in the year 2010, strangely connected to the same year LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and others will be on the open market. But have the Bulls put any thoughts to this plan? Because it seems to me... Read more »