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So this Scottie Pippen thing, urgh.. LeBron better than Jordan?

Look, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I’m not the hugest Jordan guy around.  Unlike many Bulls fans, I didn’t get fall in love with the Bulls during the Jordan era.   In fact, growing up, Magic Johnson was my favorite player.    I was heart broken when the Bulls won... Read more »

Bulls host Jazz while honoring the 1st title team 7pm on WGN

The Chicago Bulls continue to honor the 20th anniversary of the first title during the season with their best chance to win one since the end of the Jordan era.   With Boston losing two straight, the Bulls now have a legitimate chance to take the East and the much easier playoff route that goes... Read more »

LeBron and Wade make me appreciate Michael and Scottie

LeBron and Wade make me appreciate Michael and Scottie
We’ve all been watching the Heat.  Watching them struggle.  Watching them fail.  Exaggerating that failure (really they’re still an elite team).   Trying to figure out what’s going wrong. The one thing I’ve heard over and over again is that Wade and LeBron don’t have games that complement each other well. Explain to me how LeBron... Read more »

What should Scottie's statue be?

The Bulls are honoring Scottie Pippen with a statue per The Chicago Bulls have plans to unveil a bronze statue of Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen that will be displayed permanently in the United Center at some point towards the end of the 2010-11 season. “Not only is Scottie Pippen one of the greatest... Read more »

Time for Bulls to bury the hatchet with Krause?

Mike Ingrem thinks so: Come on, guys, grow up. Enough is enough. At first the ridiculing of Krause was cute, perhaps even appropriate, but now it comes across as tall men behaving like spoiled, snotty, petty little children. Why do Jordan and Pippen perpetuate this grudge? Apparently because they can. Krause is defenseless against athletes... Read more »

Bulls Beat #154 - Pippen's in

I usually do everything in a PG to PG13 type of style, but I got a bit carried away in this one, so don’t play it in the car with the kids. Bulls Beat #154 – Pippen’s in and some rated R rants   Some discussion of Scottie Pippen’s hall of fame induction, why theMiami... Read more »

Scottie Pippen's Hall of Fame speech

As expected Pippen gave a fairly standard humble speech.   He used all of his time just to say thank you to everyone who helped him. He started by thanking everyone in his family.  His parents, siblings, wife, kids.   He went on to thank a childhood friend, his high school coach, college coaches, remembering those who... Read more »

Scottie discusses Miami Heat's odds at 72

Per ESPN Chicago: “Those guys’ biggest goal is to win a championship and not try to win 72 games,” Pippen told reporters. “But if Jeff Van Gundy wants to take a bet, I would bet him that they won’t break it.” “You can put a lot of great players together, but it’s about building chemistry,”... Read more »

Scottie's taking the last shot

Per KC Johnson: “Michael can’t do nothing but sit back and watch me take the last shot,” Pippen said. “I realized I was in a great situation playing in Chicago, playing alongside Michael,” Pippen said. “I also knew it could’ve been different for me, but I enjoyed the path I took. I was able to... Read more »

Jordan to present Pippen at HOF

Per “I can’t think of a better person to do it,” said Pippen on Monday. “Michael is someone I shared my career with, accomplishing most of what I have accomplished thus far. He was a great teammate, teacher and admirer. I’m excited to have an opportunity to be the first person that he has... Read more »