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Bulls open on Halloween against Kings

The NBA schedule was released yesterday, and the Bulls will theoretically one of the easiest schedules in the NBA [based on last year's records] largely due to their weak division and the number of bottom feeders in the Eastern conference. I think the schedule makers made it as hard as they could though and more difficult than it appears...

The good news and bad news about the Bulls schedule

The good news and bad news about the Bulls schedule
Normally, schedule analysis is kinda silly. All the schedules are the same, and the only difference is timing. You might get more home games up front or more on the end, a few more back to backs, but in the end, it's generally the same for every team. This year, the schedule has much more true variance due to the shortened seasons...

For what it's worth, Bulls post preseason schedule

You know they have to, just in case, but these sad postings of schedules, especially for the preseason just seem mocking...

Analyzing the home stretch, Bulls are in three races

Analyzing the home stretch, Bulls are in three races
The Chicago Bulls are down to the home stretch, there are three significant races for playoff positioning left to play out over the final 10 games concerning the Bulls. 1: Bulls vs Celtics for the #1 seed in the East2: Bulls vs Heat for the #1 seed in the East3: Bulls vs Lakers for home... Read more »

Race for the seeds, Miami falls, Boston ties up with Chicago

With a loss last night to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat may have lost their slim chance of catching either Chicago or Boston for the #1/#2 seeds.   The Heat had looked like they were putting it all together against the Lakers and Spurs, but couldn’t top the Thunder at home.   Granted,... Read more »

What remains of the tough 20?

So the Chicago Bulls went 7-2 through the first nine games of the tough 20 prior to all-star break.   It was a very good record, marred only by the two losses in games you would have expected them to win, but redeemed by victories in all of the tough games, the ones you thought... Read more »

Next 20 games will tell the tale for the Bulls

At 31-14 the Chicago Bulls are on pace to win 56 games.   They’re presently the 3rd seed in the Eastern conference, but they sit just a game back of 2nd seed Miami, and no one would be surprised if Boston starts to wear down a bit over the next couple months. However, what started with... Read more »

Bulls look like a 55 win team [schedule analysis part 2]

This Bulls team has been winning some ugly games.  Games where they haven’t particularly played well.  Games they could have possibly lost, but games they’ve largely ended up winning. They performed well without Carlos Boozer to open the season, and they’re accumulating wins so far without Joakim Noah.   There are times we want more, pretty... Read more »

Analyzing the Bulls record

How good does the Bulls 15-8 record really look?  Let’s break it down by grouping.   For the sake of argument, we’ll call good teams those with an over 60% winning percentage, poor teams those with under a 40% winning percentage, and average teams the ones in between.    Against the good (4-8)0-2 against Boston0-1 against... Read more »

Boozer calls winning championship a "realistic goal"; is he right?

Per ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell: “A championship,” he told on Wednesday night after a Nike House of Hoops event. “I think a realistic goal for us is a championship. I think anything shorter than that we’re setting ourselves up to be shorter than what we can reach. I think [we have] potential to be... Read more »