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Let's pursue Sasha + 1st for James Johnson

Mark posted this idea earlier as part of his backup plan once we missed out on J.J. Redick.   I want to revisit the idea.  Mark believes we have enough money to make this trade legal (or so he said on twitter), but it’s got to be fairly close. Anyway, reason for the trade… First,... Read more »

Who blinks first, Bulls or Lakers?

The Lakers want Kirk Hinrich, sort of.   The Bulls want to dump him.   The issue seems to be the Lakers won’t entirely give the Bulls expiring deals, instead they want to unload Sasha Vujacic who is still owed 5 million in salary next season.   Both teams are exploring options for a 3rd team... Read more »

Tyrus rumors update [Timberwolves in, Bulls have solid offer]

Per Adrian Wojnarowski: As the Chicago Bulls prepare to trade forward Tyrus Thomas before Thursday’s deadline, the franchise’s front office has suggested to prospective bidders that they have a solid offer of a middling first-round pick and expiring contracts, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets made bids for Thomas over... Read more »

Bulls passed on Stoudemire last year and other trade rumors

Per KC Johnson: The Bulls could’ve traded for Stoudemire last season, but opted not to. He’s certainly on their radar and discussions between now and the Feb. 18 trade deadline will take place. However, to label him the Bulls’ top priority is overstating matters. Mike Mcgraw adds: In the same scenario last year, Phoenix was... Read more »