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How much tax will the Bulls stomach this season?

The Chicago Bulls will pay the luxury tax for the first time this season, but will quickly follow that up with some more luxury tax next season unless they find something awfully creative to do during the off-season. How much tax will the Bulls stomach though...

Bulls sign Vladimir Radmanovic, finally set to get offersheet, and a look at their cap situation

The Bulls have signed Vladimir Radmanovic to a one year deal at the league minimum while expecting to get an offer sheet from Houston on Omer Asik Friday or Saturday which I presently don't expect them to match, but they've been fairly tight lipped about. Rumor has it the Bulls are one of the few teams on Darko's list, and a signing of Dark would likely signal that Asik is gone...

How the latest salary cap structure affects the Bulls

Per Ken Berger: The essence of the system described by Stern was an NHL-style cap system with a targeted salary of $62 million per team and a to-be-negotiated range from a minimum to an amount above $62 million that teams could spend up to through various exceptions currently in place – such as the Larry... Read more »

NBA seeking rollback of existing salaries

Per Realgm: An NBA spokesman confirmed to RealGM that the league is in fact seeking to roll back existing player salaries, rather than simply changing the rules dictating the terms of future contracts. In attempting to reduce player costs by approximately one-third, the league is not making a distinction between signed contracts currently in force... Read more »

Union decertification, the players' hammer

Until reading this article from Larry Coon, I hadn’t realized the players hold a real hammer in negotiations: The real trump card in the players’ hands might be union decertification. Many of the league’s practices, such as the salary cap and draft, may violate antitrust laws, had they not been agreed to via collective bargaining.... Read more »

The player vs the contract, stop trying to dump Luol Deng

Remember the good old days, when a player was simply either good or bad?    The contract never really mattered, but the salary cap era has changed all that.   Now, we turn around and say “_____ is overpaid” to describe 90% of the league.   We often dismiss what a player is good at simply because his... Read more »

Is Carmelo worth 20 million per season?

With the new collective bargaining agreement around the corner, an agreement most experts feel will have the players absolutely crushed at the end, there comes a fairly big risk in trading for Carmelo Anthony even if the details are worked out and he signs an extension. Anthony will be paid roughly 5 years 100 million... Read more »

Bulls Beat #151 - That Boy's Good!

Bulls Beat #151 – That boy’s good! A discussion of the Chicago Bulls own C.J. Waaatson! I talk about the new signings, who’s left including fan favorites Shannon Brown and Tracy McGrady as well as the financial decisions the Bulls have made for the future.

Updated Bulls salary cap [post Brewer / Watson]

With the Bulls cap number remaining sourced to me at 11.8 million after the Redick signing, I’ve calculated the Korver/Boozer contracts as flat as it makes the numbers work out nearly exactly. That may not be the case as either could be off by some amount, but for our cap space this year, it works... Read more »

Updated Bulls salary cap

I’ve been told by someone I trust that the Bulls have 11.8 million left in cap room if J.J. Redick is matched which is widely expected. This was told to me as fact and not a guess. Trying to fill in the pieces of how we got there, the most logical solution is that Boozer... Read more »