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Your Second Favourite Team: The Sacramento Kings

Your Second Favourite Team: The Sacramento Kings
I’ve whined for months now about how I’ve missed basketball, and how desperately I wish the offseason would end. With so much anticipation and focus on the Hoiberg era in Chicago, the months and days of the NBA’s down period have dragged on longer than usual. Well, at least it felt that way to me.... Read more »

Kings acquire Rudy Gay, what about Deng? Boozer?

Kings acquire Rudy Gay, what about Deng?  Boozer?
The Sacramento Kings acquired Rudy Gay in what looks like a fairly bizarre deal on the surface. The Kings, whom aren't really going anywhere, made a win now move for a player who won't actually help them win...

Chicago Bulls prepare to take on the Sacramento Kings tonight

As noted yesterday, the Bulls have a reasonably soft schedule to kick off the season and should look to build momentum early. The Kings are a team struggling through tough times with a mismatch of athletic young players that don't necessarily fit together or complement each other. They're dangerous in that they're stacked with talent but through last season lacked focus, teamwork, and purpose...

Bulls outrun the Kings in easy victory

Bulls outrun the Kings in easy victory
The Game would have been a slaughter if the refs didn't move to keep it close by whistling the Bulls for a foul every two seconds. The Sacramento Kings had no answer for the Bulls fast break offense; they were lazy, undisciplined, and didn't get back on defense...

Chicago Bulls at Sacramento Kings 9pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls are coming off of a disheartening loss to Golden State Warriors. They didn't play Bulls caliber defense, they didn't put forth enough effort, and they didn't come up with the win. Perhaps they thought they could coast into this season and roll up a #1 seed again because of all the work they did last year...

Bulls crush Kings as Celtics beat Knicks

Am I a bad Bulls fan?   I watched more of the Celtics / Knicks game rooting for the Celtics to lose than the Bulls game which was decided pretty much when Derrick Rose showed up at the UC avoiding a car wreck on route to the stadium. I did catch the highlights, and wow,... Read more »

Bulls vs Kings 7pm on CSN

Late on the game thread, too much work. Derrick Rose mentioned revenge on the Kings for the 35 point collapse back in 2009.   The Bulls should have no problem accomplishing that goal.    Keys to the game are simple. Keys to the game Show up to the game Seriously, the Bulls generally do not... Read more »

Rose leads Bulls in come from behind victory over Kings

For the fourth time this year, the Bulls came back from a 12+ point deficit to win the game, and like usual, it was a combination of team defense and Derrick Rose offense that brought the team back.  The Bulls finish off the road trip with a win that was closer than the final score,... Read more »

Bulls @ Kings 9pm on WGN - Rose's status, unknown

The Bulls finish up the road trip in Sacramento, a game which ordinarily would be an automatic win.   However, with Derrick Rose’s status for the game unknown, the outcome becomes more intriguing. C.J. Watson stepped up big against the Nuggets, but it’s probably not reasonable to expect another massive scoring outburst from Watson.   The... Read more »

Bulls still trying to move Hinrich

Per Mike McGraw: The Bulls are still intent on trading Kirk Hinrich and opening even more cap room for the summer. That’s their top priority in the final hours before the deadline. McGraw goes on to speculate on the Kings possibly dealing with the Bulls or Knicks and moving McGrady on to one of those... Read more »