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Kings acquire Rudy Gay, what about Deng? Boozer?

Kings acquire Rudy Gay, what about Deng?  Boozer?
The Sacramento Kings acquired Rudy Gay in what looks like a fairly bizarre deal on the surface. The Kings, whom aren't really going anywhere, made a win now move for a player who won't actually help them win...

Bulls at Grizzlies noon on ESPN - Rose out

The Chicago Bulls ride a five game win streak into Memphis for today's day game. They offense hasn't always looked pretty, they've struggled against the zone, gotten off to slow starts, and given up big leads. However, at the end, they're the team coming away with the win every night...

How does Derrick post his first triple double without being the lead?

How did the Bulls respond to a road game against a decent team without Boozer and Noah? Luol Deng scored 28 and suffocated Rudy Gay with his defense.  Kyle Korver drained six threes to help build the lead and demoralize the Grizzlies every time they had a chance to make a run.   Gibson, Asik, and... Read more »

2010: Order of operations (if cost is not a factor)

There seems to be some confusion over which guys I like and don’t like next year due to some poorly phrased sentences and perhaps some things I’ve said not being read in the correct context (or perhaps me not fully considering all options in the case of a couple guys).   Thus I’ve decided to come... Read more »

What if LeBron, Wade, and Bosh say no?

The Bulls have positioned themselves to make a max bid on a 2010 superstar free agent in their prime.  We all know this, and yet we also know that this plan is fraught with peril.   What if the Bulls are unable to obtain such a player? For the sake of this discussion, I view LeBron... Read more »