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The shooting guard position going forward

Whether the Bulls win the championship or not this year, there are still areas in which the team can improve significally in terms of filling out their roster. So just for now, let’s ignore everything called playoffs and lock-out. Imagine both dealt with. The obvious concern regarding Chicago’s roster is at the shooting guard position.... Read more »

Luol Deng totally redeems himself

A couple days after emotional Bulls fans declared James Johnson the new Bulls starting SF, Luol Deng responds with 40 points on 14/19 shooting, 3/5 from the three point line, and 9/11 from the charity stripe. The Bulls pull off the (very minor) upset of the Blazers holding a 10 point or greater lead for... Read more »

Blazers would have traded Rudy for the Charlotte pick

Per Mark Stein: Why did the Blazers resist Chicago’s attempts to trade for swingman Rudy Fernandez before the season started? Sources with knowledge of the negotiations told that Portland was prepared to part with the Spaniard in September if the Bulls would have relinquished the first-round pick they acquired from Charlotte for Tyrus Thomas.... Read more »

More Anthony and Fernandez rumors, same as it ever was

Per the Denver Post: But the source also pointed out that there are plenty of moving parts when trading a superstar — Denver is familiar with this process, be it in the trades for Allen Iverson or Chauncey Billups — and it’s quite possible that if Denver trades Anthony, a third team could be involved... Read more »

Bulls Beat #159 - Mayweather vs Johnson

Bulls Beat #159 – Mayweather vs Johnson Some fun discussion on whether Floyd Mayweather could take James Johnson in a fight to protect C.J. Watson, the latest trade news on Carmelo and Rudy, and the Bulls are looking at stretch fours. Also a special congratulatory note to my best friend Micah and his new wife... Read more »

Bulls / Blazers still working on Rudy trade?

Per hoopsworld: Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls are continuing their weeks-long pursuit of Fernandez, and do have a first round pick to offer. The Bulls were rumored to be offering James Johnson and a pick back in August, but nothing ever came of that deal. Johnson, a second-year pro out of Wake Forest, would add additional... Read more »

Odds and Ends; Rudy update and Henry's situation with Memphis

A couple minor news items came out over the past few days, and I didn’t feel like creating a whole blog post for either, but on another slow August day (is there a worse month in sports than August?  Seriously?) I figure it’s worth an update.   First, Rudy Fernandez no longer wants to play... Read more »

Bulls Beat #153 - Bogans in, Rudy out

Bulls Beat #153 – Keith Bogans in, Rudy out The Bulls are unable to convince Portland to take their best offer for Fernandez, and the Bulls move on to sign guard Keith Bogans. I discuss the rotations, possible future trade discussions with Fernandez and take glee in the fact that Tracy McGrady landed in the... Read more »

Bulls offered 1st + cap space for Rudy

Per Mark Stein: In one of its proposals to Portland, sources said, Chicago has offered to absorb Fernandez’s modest $1.25 million salary for next season with cap space in exchange for a future first-round pick. Sources say Portland, however, has believed that it can do better in a Fernandez deal and is holding out for... Read more »

Bulls sign Keith Bogans to a two year deal

Per David Aldridge’s twitter: Bulls add to their depth, sign former Spur Keith Bogans to a two-year deal, 2nd year partial guarantee. Story up soon on Bogans is a solid defender and a decent, but not great, shooter.  He has some size and makes a solid addition as a 5th guard.   Bogans is a... Read more »