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Bulls climb to fifth to match up against Brooklyn

The Atlanta Hawks left nothing to chance in a game against the Knicks where both teams cleared the bench, but the Hawks had incentive to lose while the Knicks simply just wanted to get the game over with. The Bulls went out and won their game anyway and climbed to the fifth seed against the Brooklyn nets on their own...

Bulls vs 76ers game 1 at noon on TNT/CSN

The 76ers wanted the Bulls, and now they've got them. Let's see if Evan Turner can back up his words about the 76ers competing in this series. There seems to be this thought out there that the Bulls have struggled with the 76ers despite the fact they're 4-2 against them over the past two seasons...

Pacers don't go away, but don't win either

Riding home from the game and listening to Vogel talk, again, about how the Pacers played hard and deserved to win, but just couldn’t quite do it gave me kind of a chuckle. Look, you simply can’t play the moral victory card three games in a row.   In general, I’m a believer that if a... Read more »

Bulls @ Pacers 6pm on CSN/TNT

The Chicago Bulls haven’t played their best game in the playoffs thus far, but they’ve still managed to put a stranglehold on their first round playoff series with Indiana.   94% of the time the home team wins the first two games of a series, they go on to win the entire series, and I... Read more »

Bulls vs Pacers Round 1, Game 2 - 8:30 on CSN/TNT

Tune in to the CSN feed if you can, because the TNT feed is likely to still be covering the Miami Heat game at the tip off today, so you’ll probably only catch the beginning on CSN.  Of course, the way the Bulls start games, maybe we’re better off watching TNT and just tuning in... Read more »

Bulls vs Pacers noon on CSN / ESPN

They’re here.   The playoffs are finally here, and for the first time in a long time, the first round shouldn’t be a massive battle.   The Bulls aren’t fighting for respectability or to show well.  They’re fighting for a championship. Step one is this game against the Indiana Pacers. Slow down Danny Granger The Indiana... Read more »