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Bulls slog through a sloppy win

The Bulls were sharp early, they took a 20+ point lead by the middle of the second quarter, but failed to score or play defense for the final four minutes allowing Minnesota to close the lead to six...

Rose vs Rubio - Bulls @ Timberwolves 7pm on CSN

Ricky Rubio is enjoying some success in his first year displaying incredible passing instincts and sports center highlights. The PG position is as deep with young stars as it's ever been in the NBA, but how will Rubio fare against Rose...

Prospect of the Day - Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio DKV Joventut NBA Position: PG H: 6’4, W: 180, Age 18 When looking at Rubio remember that he’s only 18.    At 18, he displays the best court vision of any PG prospect in the draft and probably in any draft I’ve scouted in depth.    He makes highlight real passes with great frequency and... Read more »

The NBA Lottery's impact on the Bulls

The Clippers were the big winner in the lottery taking the 1st pick in a draft some people think is one player deep.   Personally, I think Rubio makes it two players deep, but most experts haven’t actually watched him play much and are skeptical of European players by default. K.C. Johnson writes about the... Read more »