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What to do with Joakim Noah?

The Chicago Bulls face an interesting dilemma to close the season.   What do they do with Joakim Noah?   Fans who loved him earlier are turning on him for his poor play since returning to injury.   He’s getting the Luol Deng treatment. You know the one, where we bust on a guy for... Read more »

Should the Bulls throw out the Dleague team?

Derrick Rose injured his knee last game, Joakim Noah is still struggling with plantar fasciitis, and Luol Deng warned he may not play Monday due to a swollen knee.   The Bulls have a tough home game against the Hawks. Now on the one hand, the Hawks haven’t played all that great in the new year,... Read more »

Bulls, short handed and short rested, fall to Pacers

Are you surprised?   You shouldn’t be.   Not because the Bulls have dropped some games you’d expect them to win (all teams do here and there), not because Joakim Noah was out (though that certainly didn’t help).  It simply comes down to two things. First the Pacers were at home.   Teams always play much better... Read more »

Explaining the inconsistency of the Chicago Bulls

How does this team get beaten by the Golden State Warriors D-League roster one night, the Clippers two nights later, and then come back and beat Phoenix and Houston in back to backs while missing Joakim Noah in the second game?    These Bulls have had some great wins and some terrible losses.   They lost... Read more »