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Boozer scheduled to return roughly on Dec 10th or 11th

Carlos Boozer Dec 10th Target return date: Tuesday will mark eight weeks since Carlos Boozer had surgery on his broken right hand, and that’s the optimal target date the power forward said the team doctors have established for him to begin participating in contact drills during practice. But even if Boozer practices Tuesday — which... Read more »

Deng excited for regular season

Deng had some really great quotes in the latest K.C. Johnson piece: “I waited awhile for this, man,” Deng said. “I can’t tell you how confident and excited I am for the season to start.” “I just have to get my rhythm and my jumping down so I can finish at the rim,” Deng said.... Read more »

Deng's injury as explained to me

I spoke with someone intimately familiar with Luol Deng’s injury to attempt to get a better grip on how serious the injury was, how likely it was to return, why it took so long to heal, and to find out his present status.  I wasn’t able to get exact information on his present status as... Read more »

Sam Smith on Luol Deng's status (and more)

Sam Smith on ‘ Ask Sam ‘ gave an interesting update on Luol Deng’s status: This is the situation with Lu. He has a fracture that is healing slowly. It has healed some, but not fully. No one will know anything for sure until he tries to play at a high level. He still intends to... Read more »