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2015 NBA Draft Recap

2015 NBA Draft Recap
Are you kidding me?! The Bulls got a Top 10 talent at pick 22. I did not do a write-up on Bobby Portis because I thought the latest he would last was at pick 16. While the Bulls needed some a backup point guard, some wing depth, and some athleticism, the Bulls got the steal... Read more »

Pacers don't go away, but don't win either

Riding home from the game and listening to Vogel talk, again, about how the Pacers played hard and deserved to win, but just couldn’t quite do it gave me kind of a chuckle. Look, you simply can’t play the moral victory card three games in a row.   In general, I’m a believer that if a... Read more »

Chicago Bulls enter draft night with two picks; exit with?

The Bulls enter the draft with picks #16 and #26 in a draft often criticized for a lack of talent.   They’re the center of a number of trade rumors, but they haven’t pulled the trigger on any trades just yet.   What are the Bulls likely to come out of this draft with? The rumors on... Read more »