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Tracy McGrady works out with the Bulls

So the workout reportedly went well, and McGrady gave the Bulls fans plenty to think about after the fact: “I feel good,” McGrady said at the Berto Center. “I’ve been battling to get back to rare form. Still coming off surgery. It’s been a tough road, but I feel pretty good compared to my last... Read more »

Rose discusses offensive struggles

Per K.C. Johnson: “I definitely see that I’m not getting to the rim as much,” Rose said. “If I pull one, these struggles are going to be over with. I just need to do that soon. “I don’t know what it is. I have to look at more film and see what I’m doing wrong... Read more »

Derrick Rose quotes that scare me to death

Courtesy of K.C. Johnson: As for the shooting woes, point guard Derrick Rose said, “We’re taking good shots, they’re just not going in.” No. You aren’t.   And by you, I mean the team, not Derrick Rose in particular.   The Bulls lead the league in long 2s, the least efficient shot in basketball.   You know what’s... Read more »

Ben Gordon on his departure

Some quotes from the Daily Herald: “To the fans, I generally had a great time being here,” Gordon said in a phone interview. “For my true fans, I feel bad for them. The longtime fans of the Chicago Bulls – I just felt like they’re being cheated.“Not with me, but just things that happened in... Read more »