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Prospect of the Day - Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, Junior, Davidson, NBA Position: PG/SG, H: 6’3, W: 181, Age: 21  The level of talent around Stephen Curry of both his teammates and his competition often makes it difficult to gauge how well he’s really playing.   It’s obvious that Curry carries his teams, and defenses game plan to do nothing other than stop... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings, Lottomatica Roma, NBA Position: PG, H: 6’1, W: 170, Age: 19 Brandon Jennings struggled mightily playing in Europe for the year, and it will be interesting to see what effect that has on his draft stock.   Much like Holiday, his high ranking on mock draft charts has more to do with the type... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - James Harden

James HardenSophomore, Arizona StateNBA Position: SG/SFH: 6’5, W: 222, Age: 19 Harden has a nice combination of present day skills to provide an immediate impact and young age to allow for growth in the future.    The only thing holding him back from being an elite prospect is that he’s not an elite athlete.   What he... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio DKV Joventut NBA Position: PG H: 6’4, W: 180, Age 18 When looking at Rubio remember that he’s only 18.    At 18, he displays the best court vision of any PG prospect in the draft and probably in any draft I’ve scouted in depth.    He makes highlight real passes with great frequency and... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, Sophomore, Oklahoma, NBA Position: PFH: 6’10, W: 248, Age: 20 First, while Griffin measured out at 6’10 in shoes, it was a short 6’10.   He had a very poor standing reach for his height though at only 8’9.   However, unlike Hansbrough who measured out similarly, Griffin plays with a great deal of athleticism.  ... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Austin Daye

Austin Daye, Sophomore, Gonzaga, NBA Position: SF/PF, H: 6’11, W: 192, Age:  21  Austin Daye has incredible length and a very polished game.   Daye gets most of his looks as a spot up shooter.   He has excellent range and hit shots from NBA three-point distance regularly.     He also plays fairly regularly in the post, but... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough, Senior, North Carolina, NBA Position: PF, H: 6’9, W: 235, Age: 23 years old  Hansbrough was thought to have great measurements / athletic results at the pre-draft camp in Chicago which raised his stock in the eyes of many.  His height measured out as legit PF sized, and his max vert also tested... Read more »

Casspi, Henderson, Budinger, and Gibson work out for the Bulls

K.C Johnson has the latest info on the Bulls workout, with Casspi providing the most interesting quote besides Henderson’s jokes. “I’m here to play in the NBA next year,” Casspi said. “I don’t know how this speculation came out. Nobody has talked to me about going back to Europe.” This really lowers any possible interest... Read more »

Bulls interested in Casspi or moving pick?

Some interesting tidbits from an Israeli website; K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune yesterday speculated that while the Bulls are considering choosing Casspi in the first round, management would rather trade their 26th place pick with another team. Casspi has announced his eligibility for the NBA draft twice before, yet withdrew on both occasions... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Omri Casspi

Omri CasspiMaccabi Tel AvivNBA Position: SFH: 6’9, W: 211, Age: 20 (almost 21) First, I wasn’t able to watch a huge sample of Omri’s game as he only had about 16 games logged.    Still, the sample was large enough to get some ideas about Omri. He’s a solid spot up shooter in accuracy and should... Read more »