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Bulls aim to become undisputed preseason championships

It will likely have the fan fare of the BCS and a media vote, but clearly the only undefeated team wins the title right? I expect the Bulls will hand out preseason championship belts simultaneously while the Heat get their championship rings from last season, or maybe we'll save the honor for the first home game in New York...

NBA to cancel training camp and part of preseason

The sides met again yesterday, and unfortunately, they dug into their positions rather than conceding anything. As such, the NBA will officially cancel training camp and the initial stages of preseason today...

For what it's worth, Bulls post preseason schedule

You know they have to, just in case, but these sad postings of schedules, especially for the preseason just seem mocking...

The first preseason game wrap up

The Bulls went against the Bucks, and it was simply awesome to watch basketball again.  Sadly, I had to watch part of the game on the stream which killed my analysis a little bit.   Still, with some early looks at the offensive scheme and defensive scheme I had the following thoughts. The offense as... Read more »

Bulls preseason schedule released

I feel like this is some kind of bizarro world fat joke, where someone says “Your mama is so fat….. [punchline]”.  The Bulls play so many back to back games, that even half their pre-season games are part of a back to back.  Seriously?   You have to play eight games and you squeeze in two... Read more »


Out, out, brief candle!Preseason’s but a walking shadow, a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour upon the stageAnd then is heard no more: it is a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.” —- Macbeth, pining for opening day Preseason is a loathsome beast.  It’s waiting in a long line for... Read more »

Bucks beat Bulls - 98 to 86

Some Bucks fans were no doubt cheated out of Big Macs, Tacos, or whatever promo they’ve got running there and are now thinking “Why couldn’t we have hit one more shot?”. That said, here’s how the team looked this game player by player: We’ll start with the starting lineup.  Kirk Hinrich – He actually put... Read more »

Bulls beat Pacers 104-95 in preseason game #1

Player of the game honors have to go to Taj Gibson.   The yahoo boxscore currently shows 19 points on 6/12 shooting, but I think it’s missing his final putback dunk.   Either way, Gibson was all over the floor doing his best Joakim Noah with a jump shot impersonation out there.  He played with... Read more »

Bulls @ Pacers - 6PM CST on CSN+

Joakim Noah here knows how I’m feeling about tonight’s game.   Sure, it’s a preseason game.   It doesn’t matter.   We won’t know anything more about the team than we did before it, but with that disclaimer out of the way, I’m jacked up like a spider monkey on mountain dew for this one.  ... Read more »

Bulls preseason schedule released

In news that possibly only interests me, the Bulls have released their preseason schedule.  Why it doesn’t come out with the normal schedule initially is beyond me, but once again the Bulls will be hitting up season ticket holders for four full priced preseason games. Personally, being forced to buy preseason games has never bothered... Read more »