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Bulls vs Bucks - 7pm on CSN - We're finally here

First, let’s set the mood: Okay, now try to calm down and not punch out a co-worker with all that adrenaline you just built up.   Bulls basketball is officially back, and even though it’s pre-season, I don’t care.  I’m psyched.  This is appointment viewing.   It’s go time.   Boozer’s injury may dampen the mood for some,... Read more »

Bulls @ Bucks: 7:30 CST on WGN

The Bucks aren’t a particularly interesting team to me.   Seeing how Brandon Jennings does vs Derrick Rose would have been exciting, except that Rose is going to miss the game.   Still, there are some interesting things to watch for in any preseason game. Other things to watch for: How does Noah contend with the bigger... Read more »

Defense #1 priority

Adam Fluck of had a wide sweeping interview with Gar Forman covering a variety of topics.   Definitely worth a full read.  It looks like this will be a twice a week piece.  I like the fact that Gar is committed to being able to answer questions and talk to the press on a... Read more »

ESPN ranks the East, Bulls 6th

ESPN has ranked the Eastern conference: (43-39, good for 6th place)Cavs, Celtics, Magic, Hawks, Heat, Bulls, 76ers, Wizards (playoff teams) Our voters have the Bulls winning as few as 30 games and as many as 55, and perhaps it comes down to what they think of reigning rookie of the year Derrick Rose, whose scintillating... Read more »