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Bulls knock down the Pacers again

Look, no disrespect to the Pacers, but I’m a bit tired of hearing about how hard they’re playing.   You know, if you were playing that hard, maybe you wouldn’t have given up 20 offensive rebounds this game, because if you controlled the glass, you wouldn’t have lost the game. However, listening to people, you’d... Read more »

Bulls defense stifles Nets and Chicago inches ahead of Boston again

The Chicago Bulls won their 8th straight game with stifling defense and pulled a half game ahead of Boston.   Did you think at the beginning of the season that Chicago would be sitting here with 15 games left to play and have the second highest winning percentage in the NBA?   I know I didn’t, but... Read more »

Bench comes up big and Derrick dominates the 4th in the Bulls win over the Rockets

In a story which I suspect will become all too common as the years go by, Derrick Rose saved the Bulls and willed them to a victory with a brilliant fourth quarter performance.  What probably isn’t so common about this story is he did it with a barrage of three point shots, knocking down three... Read more »

It's hard to stomach two moral victories in a row

The Bulls ran into a buzz saw against NY, lost due to a freak occurrence of three point shooting.  They then step into Boston on the second half of a back to back against a well rested, elite team in the NBA.   They took that team to OT and lost. In an OT loss, you... Read more »

Bulls fall to Oklahoma City showing old problems

It’s not a surprise that the Bulls lost to Oklahoma City, and the reason why they lost were a mixture of old and new problems.  The old problems?  The Bulls had no source of traditional efficient offense, few free throw attempts (and bad free throw shooting), terrible from the three point line, and no low... Read more »

Bulls get first preseason win

The Bulls dominated the Wizards pretty thoroughly in their first home preseason game this season to capture their first win.   Derrick Rose and John Wall had a great duel, both playing well, and especially went at each other at the start of the third quarter. Kirk Hinrich had a friendly reception, getting cheers when... Read more »

The first preseason game wrap up

The Bulls went against the Bucks, and it was simply awesome to watch basketball again.  Sadly, I had to watch part of the game on the stream which killed my analysis a little bit.   Still, with some early looks at the offensive scheme and defensive scheme I had the following thoughts. The offense as... Read more »

Bulls beat Bobcats;Toronto almost chokes against Philly

Two nights in a row, a team trying to stay ahead of the Bulls needed OT to beat a pathetic team, but both times they managed as Toronto topped Philly. However, the news was better at the United Center where the Bulls looked like they were about to choke and then stomped on Charlotte’s throat... Read more »

Bulls defeat the Wizards; Bobcats pull out OT win

So last night while trying to keep an eye on both games, I had some genuine hope that Charlotte might drop a game to Milwaukee.   If so, they’d fall to only three games ahead of us, with two left to play (and we’d own the tie break), but unfortunately, they managed to pull out a... Read more »

Bulls playoff hopes on fumes now

The Bulls fell to the Phoenix Suns in an exciting, yet heartbreaking game.   The loss pushes them a game and a half back from Toronto.   The Bulls will now need to be near flawless or need an epic collapse by Toronto or Charlotte to make the playoffs. In the key moments of the... Read more »