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Play James Johnson. Play him at PF.

This is starting to become a “What the Hell?” type of thought for me. The Bulls rotation is on fumes. Lindsay “I need a defibrillator after a full court layup” Hunter played 22 minutes, and you can’t find a way to get James Johnson on the court? I am dying to know why this kid... Read more »

How can the Bulls use James Johnson effectively?

The first preseason game didn’t go so well for James Johnson.  Of course, having a poor preseason game isn’t a big deal.  It’s just a blip.   However, throughout summer league and that preseason game one disturbing trend has emerged. James Johnson doesn’t play well off the ball. Combine that with the obvious, Derrick Rose is... Read more »

James Johnson, SF or PF, tweener or mismatch nightmare?

The Bulls have a set guard rotation and no room at center.   They’ve got Tyrus at PF, but otherwise minutes are likely available to be had there.   The Bulls also have three wings/guards who suffered through various injuries last season (though Salmons played through his), and any time a wing is nicked up there will... Read more »