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Olympic Bulls: Três Touros no Rio

Olympic Bulls: Três Touros no Rio
Summer basketball is a scare. For most casual fans — and franchise owners — fatigue and the possibility of a freak injury often outweigh any intrinsic benefits of watching basketball during the NBA’s quiet season. On top of all that, USA basketball has been dominating international competition since the inclusion of professionals in 1992, even... Read more »

Will Deng postpone surgery until after Olympics? Of course. As he should.

Luol Deng has decided [for now] to gut out this season and play with a torn ligament in his left wrist. The surgery will require three to four months to heal. Deng had a similar operation on his right wrist when injured as a rookie, and it took around four months. If Deng has surgery when the playoffs end, he'll miss the Olympics...

Derrick Rose named to 27 man national team roster

Per KC Johnson: Derrick Rose’s big week just got bigger. Already slated to defend his Skills Challenge title at All-Star weekend Saturday and make his first All-Star appearance Sunday, Rose learned he is one of 27 players named to USA Basketball’s national team roster for the 2010-12 commitment. Besides possibly playing in the 2010 world... Read more »

Deng's CNN interview on the Chicago Olympic bid

Pippenainteasy linked it first and had something comments about it so check it out there.   I haven’t gotten a chance to watch due to family emergency (also the reason you didn’t get a nice editorial on my morning train ride to work).