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Miami Heat sign Michael Beasley to a camp contract

Michael Beasley has plenty of problems, but the Miami Heat invited him to camp and signed him to a prove up contract...

Is the recently waived Michael Beasley worth a look?

17.1, 16.1, 15.5, 13.0, 10.8. Those are Michael Beasley's PERs from rookie season to last season. Yes. He has actually gotten worse every year in the league for five straight seasons and given his drug problems, attitude problems, and knucklehead problems, it wouldn't be shocking if that trend continued for a sixth and final season then that was it...

Bulls vs Timberwolves 7pm on WGN

The Bulls and Timberwolves are both coming off of wins last night, the Bulls had a statement game win against the Lakers while the Timberwolves beat up on the Pistons.   The Bulls have the advantage of not having to travel between the two dates making their lives a bit easier. While the Timberwolves are frequently... Read more »

Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat, 7:00 PM NBATV

Hometown kid Dwyane Wade will be at the United Center to take on the team who might throw some serious moneyat him in just a few months time. Chicago has been reported on several occasions to be interested in Wade as well as clearing cap space to sign another elite free agent. Derrick Rose had... Read more »

Michael Beasley checks into rehab center

Just a couple days after posting this about being happy we took Rose over Beasley, a much more serious reason to be thrilled to have Rose rears it’s head. According to yahoo sports, Beasley checked into a rehab center for substance abuse and psychological issues. I guess the bad tattoo remorse was too much to... Read more »

If you ever have a doubt about Rose, think we could have drafted this guy

I don’t know if he’s got bags of weed there on the side like many have speculated, but seriously, “Supercool Beas”?  Doesn’t that strike you as something you’d tattoo on yourself if you got a tattoo when you were five?   I guess he could have put on the Beas Knees instead that might be worse. ... Read more »