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Should the Bulls pursue Marcus Thornton?

The Chicago Bulls weakest position right now is SG.  For all talk of Carmelo Anthony joining the Bulls, they already have a quality SF (not that Anthony wouldn’t help) while they have perhaps the worst SG rotation in the NBA. When looking for guys who meet the following criteria: 1: Possibly on the market2: Could... Read more »

Prospect of the Day - Marcus Thornton

Marcus Thornton, Senior, LSU, NBA Position: SG, H: 6’4, W: 198, Age: 21 Thornton looked mightily impressive when scouting him at first glance.  He’s a volume scorer who plays almost entirely off the ball.  He loves basket cuts,  shooting off screens, shooting kick outs, and even sets up in the post.  He has great versatility... Read more »

Bulls Beat #119

For those of you who haven’t seen my podcast hosted on Bulls Podcasters check it out: Bulls Beat #119 – Wings n’ Things I discuss wing prospects for the Bulls going over Terrance Williams, Gerald Henderson, Chase Budinger, Marcus Thornton, and Wayne Ellington.

Tyrus working out with LSU's Thornton

Tyrus Thomas has begun working out this off season and has switched over to use the same personal trainer as Ben Gordon.   He’s also been working out with Marcus Thornton, a guard draft prospect from LSU.