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Lotto results should help the East, may help the Bulls

The Cavaliers will be picking #1 again for the third time in four years after hitting on a 1.7% chance to win the lottery.  I suppose the conspiracy theorists will say the NBA just wants to make up for that whole LeBron James thing by putting a dominant team in one of the crappiest markets in the NBA instead of in Boston or L.A...

The lottery goes reasonably well for the Bulls

Not that the Bulls had too much at stake, it would have been nice to see the top two picks go out West while both are staying in the Eastern conference.   Washington won the #1 slot.   Combine that with their cap room, and they could be on a fast track to rebuilding, but... Read more »

The NBA Lottery's impact on the Bulls

The Clippers were the big winner in the lottery taking the 1st pick in a draft some people think is one player deep.   Personally, I think Rubio makes it two players deep, but most experts haven’t actually watched him play much and are skeptical of European players by default. K.C. Johnson writes about the... Read more »