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Chicago Bulls measure themselves against the best one last time

Chicago Bulls measure themselves against the best one last time
The Bulls aren't likely to finish the season on a ten game win streak after facing Portland tonight, but they will be solid favorites against at least eight of the the ten opponents left and probably pushes (at worst) against Minnesota and Washington on the road. Tonight marks their final test against one of the best teams in the league as the Bulls host the Portland Trailblazers...

Will trades solve the Bulls problems? Not likely

The Bulls options are fairly limited and as the team has started off looking like a poor man's version of itself so far fans are loooking at how it can address the same ole issues...

LaMarcus Aldridge and Thomas Robinson attached to the Bulls rumor mill

LaMarcus Aldridge wants to land in Chicago, and the Bulls covet Thomas Robinson. Chicago is also discussing an extension with Luol Deng, except that they're not...

LaMarcus Aldridge dunked on the Bulls again

Have you ever seen so many dunks by one guy in your life?   You could create your own youtube highlight video of Aldridge dunking just from last night’s game.   The Bulls defense was simply embarrassing in this game. The Bulls played poorly, but well enough to win this game, they lost it due to... Read more »

Bulls @ Trailblazers 9pm on WGN

The Bulls convincingly beat the Blazers early on in the season in Chicago.  However, as we’ve seen with Chicago’s 11-11 road record, they’re not the same team on the road as they are at home.   Of course, the Blazers won’t have Brandon Roy  and the Bulls will be without Joakim Noah neither of which were... Read more »

Chicago Bulls @ Portland Trail Blazers 9:00 PM, NBATV

After two rough road losses, the Chicago Bulls will look to bounce back against Brandon Roy and the Trail Blazers tonight in Portland. The Bulls dropped a 93-112 game to Denver, in which fatigue, lack of defense and poor guard play, all hit the team in the second half. Chicago gave up 66 points, after... Read more »

2010: Order of operations (if cost is not a factor)

There seems to be some confusion over which guys I like and don’t like next year due to some poorly phrased sentences and perhaps some things I’ve said not being read in the correct context (or perhaps me not fully considering all options in the case of a couple guys).   Thus I’ve decided to come... Read more »

What if LeBron, Wade, and Bosh say no?

The Bulls have positioned themselves to make a max bid on a 2010 superstar free agent in their prime.  We all know this, and yet we also know that this plan is fraught with peril.   What if the Bulls are unable to obtain such a player? For the sake of this discussion, I view LeBron... Read more »