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Bulls vs Warriors 7pm on CSN [update Lee out]

Prior to the season starting, most people circled this game as a win on the Calendar.   Since that point the Warriors are off to a 6-2 start and look a heck of a lot better than the chucker Warrior teams of recent years. They do their damage in the backcourt where both Monta Ellis and... Read more »

Bulls vs Knicks at 7pm on TNT

Ahh, the Chicago Bulls vs the New York Knicks.   This is one series I simply love to watch even when the teams stink.   There’s so much history between the clubs.   The Knicks played the nail to the Bulls hammer in the 90s, they traded a boatload of players back and forth in the 2000s,... Read more »

Bulls vs Blazers 7pm on WCIU/NBATV

As I expected, the Bulls enter their third game of the season after splitting their first two games.   If the Bulls are to overachieve in November, this is one of the ‘winnable’ games where I’d generally consider them an underdog. Working against the Bulls is a lack of depth and poor play by everyone outside... Read more »

Bulls vs Mavericks at 7PM on CSN+ / NBA TV

The Bulls thoroughly outplayed the Mavericks starters last game, but the Mavs kept in the big guns against the bulls last five off the bench in order to pull out the victory.   With the Mavs on the road and the Bulls at home, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the opposite show play out tonight.  ... Read more »