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Still want to go to the Nets Dwight?

Yes? Damn. The Bulls absolutely crushed the New Jersey Nets despite the fact that Derrick Rose left the game with back spasms after only playing 10 minutes. Rose's back started bothering him in the Milwaukee game, and the Bulls should consider resting him for a couple of games to get healthy...

Putting this Bulls season into perspective

Going into the season, I felt the Bulls had maybe a 10% chance of losing in the first round, 40% of losing in the 2nd, 30% of losing in the ECF, 10% of losing in the finals, and 10% of winning the whole thing.   The Bulls managed to make it to the ECF which... Read more »

Joakim Noah makes 2nd team all defense, five Bulls receive votes

Per the official NBA press release, the voting broke down like this: 1st team Name 1st votes 2nd votes Points Center Dwight Howard 27 2 56 Guard Rajon Rondo 16 7 39 Forward LeBron James 17 4 38 Guard Kobe Bryant 13 7 33 Forward Kevin Garnett 15 3 33 2nd team Name 1st votes... Read more »

Hot shooting eliminates the Pacers

In the pregame, I said the Bulls needed to shoot better, and as a team, they delivered from beyond the arc.   For once, it wasn’t Kyle Korver playing the three point hero, but Bogans, Deng, and Rose who connected from beyond the arc to to lead the team. With solid shooting, the Pacers simply... Read more »

Thibs not changing anything, but changing everything?

Tom Thibodeau mentioned in his post-game press conference that he had no intention of switching up the lineup.   Everyone is hinting about whether Bogans would get yanked to try and give the Bulls a better star, and Thibs defended Bogans with these comments.   What’s hard to understand about this is why this philosophy only applies... Read more »

Should the Bulls shorten the rotation?

The Bulls were killed again while Bogans played.  It’s been a familiar theme for Chicago all season long.   Tom Thibodeau has been stubborn with Bogans all season long as well.   It’s really hard to argue with his calls given that the Bulls won 62 games.  In the end, whatever you think of his rotations, they... Read more »

A Tribute to Keith Bogans

Keith, I don’t think that you’ll be getting many of these, so you might want to save this one…maybe even buy a frame or something. You came to the Bulls this past summer, signing for about $400,000 over the league minimum and about 1/3 of the amount that your fellow new Bulls’ shooting guards, Kyle... Read more »

ESPN writers pick Rose as MVP while Jack Ramsey marches to the beat of his own drummer

Here you can see the article where ESPN picks for every award Derrick Rose is a run away winner for the MVP while Tom Thibodeau has a fairly commanding lead for coach of the year.   The funniest thing about this though is if you look at all defensive team, guess who’s got a first place... Read more »

Down goes Miami! Bulls sure look better at home

A night after the Bulls lost an embarrassing game to the Raptors, they come out and defeat the Miami Heat.    It didn’t look good early as Miami had three or four leak outs for open dunks to take a good lead in the first.    The teams alternated runs, and Miami went into the... Read more »

Bulls finally beat the Bobcats

Derrick Rose threw out terms like ‘revenge’ and ‘easy game’ when before tip off.   Even with the extra blackboard material, the Bulls rolled over the Bobcats while playing fairly poor basketball most of the night.  I like the term ‘easy game’ more than revenge in this case as you can’t really avenge an embarrassing loss... Read more »