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Bulls Beat #245 - K.C. Johnson Interview

Bulls Beat #245 - K.C. Johnson Interview
K.C. and I discuss the Bulls off-season and the cost cutting moves Chicago has made while taking a look at what the roster they do have will be able to get done this summer...

Bulls Beat #178 - K.C. Johnson Interview

Bulls Beat #178 – K.C. Johnson interview I discuss everything Bulls with K.C. Johnson, from trade deadline action, the MVP vote, how the Bulls stack up against elite competition and just how good Derrick Rose is. Unfortunately, my mic stopped recording mid interview, so I had to re-record my parts to the interview, so excuse... Read more »

Bulls Beat #145 - K.C. Johnson stops by

Bulls Beat #145 – Interview with K.C. Johnson K.C. Johnson stops by to answer questions about Free Agency, Tom Thibodeau, the luxury tax, the fate of the CBA, and so much more.

Ask KC

The first ask KC of the season, always a great read: I particularly love this (partial) answer, given that I’ve taken plenty of crap for saying something quite similar: Gordon is a special scorer and I’ve been accused of serving as president of his fan club. I’m as curious as anyone to see how the... Read more »

5 questions entering the Bulls season

K.C. Johnson’s media day piece on the five biggest questions entering camp for the Bulls. 3. How much better can Rose be? Even some closest to Rose believe he exceeded expectations in winning Rookie of the Year honors last season. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise if Rose takes an even bigger jump in... Read more »

K.C. Johnson interviews Jerry Reinsdorf

This was a tremendous interview, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full four pages.   It’s very worthwhile. The two most interesting parts to me were: Actually, we made a decision a year ago not to commit long term to Ben. We tried. And he turned it down. But then near... Read more »