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Would you take on Joe Johnson's contract?

The Chicago Bulls needed more perimeter scoring. They needed more ball-handling. They needed more play making. Joe Johnson can provide these things...

Bulls at Hawks at 6pm on WCIU

The Bulls are running through the final remaining gauntlet on the schedule right now, and are about to kick off the toughest part.   After these three games, the Bulls should be able to hold on to a 75%+ winning percentage the rest of the season.   The question is how can they do against Atlanta, Orlando,... Read more »

Would you take Joe Johnson?

One of the things I rallied against in the off-season was the max contract to Boozer/Amare + max contract to Joe Johnson off-season.  It completely cripple your salary for years, and you’d probably not have a shot at winning a title. Well Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah have stepped up a lot more than I... Read more »

How many Bulls make the all-star team?

Derrick Rose became the first Chicago Bull to make an all-star squad since Michael Jordan, and I expect he’ll make it again this season.  However, this year, he may have some teammates with him. Here’s a look how I handicap the all-star game prior to the season starting. First let’s look at last year’s all-stars... Read more »

The player vs the contract, stop trying to dump Luol Deng

Remember the good old days, when a player was simply either good or bad?    The contract never really mattered, but the salary cap era has changed all that.   Now, we turn around and say “_____ is overpaid” to describe 90% of the league.   We often dismiss what a player is good at simply because his... Read more »

Grand slam or strike out? - Where does everyone go

I’ve been a strong proponent of the theory that LeBron will leave the Cavaliers even if he doesn’t go to Chicago.   However, with the information that LeBron will take a few days to decide, I have to think that he’s returning to Cleveland now. In general, I’ll give LeBron some credit for not becoming... Read more »

Your morning FA update and Radio reminder

First, be sure to tune in to WGN Radio (720am) 9:00am – 9:30am today (Saturday) to listen to me discuss the Bulls. Podcast is now linked, download it here. Next, here’s the rough FA summary: 1: Amare is leaning towards the Knicks max contract offer.  It doesn’t look like anyone else is too interested in... Read more »

A changing era - the latest 2010 free agency news

I know you logged on here to find out the latest on Bulls free agency news, but before that I’d like to leave you an important message.   This blog is changing ownership from myself to Mark Deeks (otherwise known as Sham from   Those who know me, know I’ve been running myself ragged... Read more »

Bulls meeting with Bosh first, Wade Thursday, Johnson like to sign with Hawks

Via a bunch of links I don’t have immediately at my disposal: The Bulls are scheduled to meet with Bosh at 12:01 tonight, the first team to meet with him.  They’ll look to give him a hard recruiting push to bring him in right away. They’re meeting with Dwyane Wade tomorrow afternoon even though it’s... Read more »

Bulls hoping to visit James last with commitment in hand

Per Mike McGraw: After months of speculation and anticipation, the NBA’s free-agent negotiating period finally begins Wednesday at 11:01 p.m. Central time. James plans to host meetings with the Knicks, Nets, Clippers, Heat, Cavs and Bulls in the next few days, although no exact timetable has been announced. The Bulls are hoping to be the... Read more »