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Does Jerry Krause belong in the Hall of Fame?

Michael, Scottie, Dennis, Phil, and even Tex have all been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Does Jerry Krause deserve to join them...

Jerry Krause for the Hall of Fame?

Jerry Krause for the Hall of Fame?
Interesting read from K.C. Johnson: “Phil Jackson was on his way out of basketball. Krause spotted him coaching the Albany Patroons. Phil wrote in one of his books he had given up any chance of getting back in the NBA. He was about to go to law school when Krause came after him. I also... Read more »

Time for Bulls to bury the hatchet with Krause?

Mike Ingrem thinks so: Come on, guys, grow up. Enough is enough. At first the ridiculing of Krause was cute, perhaps even appropriate, but now it comes across as tall men behaving like spoiled, snotty, petty little children. Why do Jordan and Pippen perpetuate this grudge? Apparently because they can. Krause is defenseless against athletes... Read more »

Book Review: Blood on the Horns

After a week off from book reviews, I’m back after reading Blood on the Horns by Roland Lazenby.  Before even getting to the extended review, let me just say, if you haven’t read this book and you are a Bulls fan from the Jordan era, stop reading this review and go get it.   Those... Read more »