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Bulls waive Jerome James; Sign Rob Kurz

Well obviously Jerome James is no loss to the team unless the Bulls were collecting insurance that they can no longer collect.  I do wonder a bit about this move purely from the perspective of trying to work in a guy like Kurz with only four games left in the season. Here’s some info on... Read more »

K.C. Johnson: Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady

K.C. Johnson reports that the Bulls have talked about Tracy McGrady: T-Mac time? The Rockets granted Tracy McGrady an indefinite leave as they work to trade the disgruntled guard and his expiring $23.2 million contract. McGrady is scheduled to make Chicago his home base as he trains with Tim Grover. Mike McGraw seems to back... Read more »

Tyrus Thomas for Al Harrington discussed?

According to Yahoo! Sports feature writer Adrian Wojnarowski, the Chicao Bulls and New York Knicks are actively engaging in trade conversation. The players thought to be switching uniforms are Al Harrington, Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James. multiple league executives believe the Chicago Bulls’ shopping of forward Tyrus Thomas could result with him moving sooner than... Read more »

The end of the bench and other roster woes

The Bulls depth is in for a severe test as the team prepares to play without Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas.  Going into the season, Kirk and Tyrus would probably have been considered no more than the 4th/5th best players on the team, and quite possibly not that high.   A team that loses guys... Read more »

Emeka Okafor swapped for Tyson Chandler

Not exactly breaking news at this point, but this trade leads me to ask, what’s wrong with Emeka Okafor?   There has to be something wrong for Charlotte to agree to this trade and more interestingly, why did the Bulls decide not to trump it? Cost conscious Charlotte is publicly saying they like Tyson Chandler.  ... Read more »

Sam Smith: Jerome James will try to play?

Sam Smith’s mail bag is always worth a read, but this week he had an especially interesting, yet discouraging, entry: Sam: I don’t see the Bulls taking on Okafor’s contract and thus costing themselves a chance to go for someone like Bosh in 2010. Plus, I’ve been hearing James will be able to play next... Read more »

Larry Coon: Jerome James may not count towards the luxury tax

Larry Coon, creator of the salary cap FAQ, discussed whether or not Jerome James’ salary could be excluded from the luxury tax on the realgm forum.   For the first question — the salary counts. It doesn’t matter whether insurance is paying it. The team can apply to have the salary removed, after a year waiting... Read more »