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Bulls Continuing To Squash Expectations In Win Over The Jazz

Bulls Continuing To Squash Expectations In Win Over The Jazz
The Bulls are 8-4 which is good enough for the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. Just like most of us predicted. Right? Are the Bulls good? Is everyone else just average? Did I leave leave the stove on? All important questions that will surely be answered at some point. For the moment being, this ragtag... Read more »

Gar working on three way trade?

According to Sports Unplugged’s twitter, Bulls are working on a three way with Utah and Houston for Boozer. Source: Gar is active n 3way trade wit Htown and Utah: TyThomas, KFesenko to Htown. CBoozer to Chi. SBattier, JJames, and CLaundry to Utah. I have a real hard time buying this one unless there are some... Read more »

Bulls want more than Boozer if they include Tyrus?

According to a John Hollinger chat Jim (Cambridge)What’s holding up Hinrich-Thomas-Boozer-Blazers? Seems like a win-win-win, and gives the Bulls even more cap space in 2010… John Hollinger (3:57 PM)Bulls want something extra from Portland if they’re going to include Tyrus Thomas, but Blazers don’t want to part with their prospects This is the trade that... Read more »

Boozer on Waddle and Silvy says Jazz are trading him

Carlos did an interview with Waddle and Silvy, there is a realgm.com thread about it.  Some impressions from the interview which I won’t get to listen to until it comes out as a podcast later today are: Carlos Boozer says the Jazz have told him they will trade him, and thinks it will happen soon.He... Read more »

Carlos Boozer deal dead?

According to Chris Brousard on a sportscenter update, Kevin Pritchard has quashed the deal. ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard shot down the story during a SportsCenter broadcast. Broussard quoted Pritchard as saying the deal is “not going to happen,” despite his team’s strong desire to bring to trade for Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich. Well the... Read more »

Bulls holding out for Jerryd Bayless in Boozer trade?

From Marc Stein’s twitter. CHI would insist on Bayless to replace Hinrich (and Gordon). POR not prepared to include Bayless. And … CHI would want to substitute TIM Thomas (who was pulled out of the Marion deal) for Tyrus Thomas. UTA not interested in Tim Thomas. Important clarification: CHI’s preference to switch TIM Thomas for... Read more »

More Boozer to Chicago rumors

Reported from the twitter account of 1280 The Zone, a Utah sports radio station. Source” tells me that Jazz R trying 4 a 3 way w/ Port and Chi to send Booze to CHI and PG Heinrich to Port so Blazers don’t offer Millsap First, I hate that news is now sent out via twitter.  ... Read more »

Bulls looking at Boozer per rumorpress.net

On the heels of my morning train ride article, the Bulls are now rumored to be in talks with Utah about Carlos Boozer per rumorpress.net. Look for the Chicago Bulls to make a strong push for Carlos Boozer. Reports have indicated the Bulls are interested in trading for the Utah Jazz power forward and there... Read more »

Would the Chicago Bulls trade for Carlos Boozer?

While this piece bleeds blind speculation, the concept of the Jazz dumping Boozer if they can agree to terms with Paul Millsap is straight forward enough.   The Bulls were named as a trade partner out of random guess more so than anything else.   However, here are a few trade ideas that could land Boozer in... Read more »