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Bulls couldn't have gotten involved in James Harden deal

The trade of James Harden to the Rockets shakes up the power structure of the NBA. On the surface, Kevin Martin seems like a fair replacement for Harden in a scenario where OKC needs to save cash. Martin's one of the few players in the league who scores with high volume and efficiency, much like Harden and has done so without two more dangerous scorers next to him to relieve the pressure...

Prospect of the Day - James Harden

James HardenSophomore, Arizona StateNBA Position: SG/SFH: 6’5, W: 222, Age: 19 Harden has a nice combination of present day skills to provide an immediate impact and young age to allow for growth in the future.    The only thing holding him back from being an elite prospect is that he’s not an elite athlete.   What he... Read more »