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Bulls crush hapless Wizards

Bulls crush hapless Wizards
In a game that wasn't so close as the 10 point final score, the Bulls crushed the hapless Wizards. Derrick Rose sliced through the lane all night long in his second straight monster performance...

Do the Bulls have room for Chandler, Smith, or Martin?

Do the Bulls have room for Chandler, Smith, or Martin?
With Chinese obligations coming to an end shortly, Wilson Chandler, J.R. Smith, Aaron Brooks, and Kenyon Martin will be looking for work in the NBA. Do the Bulls have room to add one of these players and would any of them take the min to come here...

J.R. Smith approaching deal with China is a bucket of depression

You may or may not like J.R. Smith as a potential candidate for the Chicago Bulls shooting guard position. I'm on and off the fence with whether he's worth taking the chance on or not...

Bulls into JR Smith? Odom? Battier, Hill, or Belinelli?

Yes, it's only a week into the lockout, and I've stooped to providing you rumors from realgm...

J.R. Smith

This summer, I expect to hear J.R. Smith’s name brought up repeatedly in connection with the Bulls.  I don’t really feel like dealing with Smith piecemeal so I might as well get my feelings out on the table. For those unfamiliar with Smith, he’s a 25 year-old 6-6 shooting guard who has played the last... Read more »

Bulls leading candidate to land Hamilton and other trade rumors

Quick side note, those looking for the normal Sunday edition of the Bulls Beat, I’m putting it off until Tuesday when K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune will be a guest on the show.   We’re not going to record until the late evening, so it will probably not be out until 11pm or so Tuesday... Read more »

Bulls still interested in J.R. Smith, psyche, not really, or are they?

Per Wojo: The Chicago Bulls are still making calls on J.R. Smith to solve their shooting guard issues, but red flags on Smith’s character have made the Bulls cautious. “They just don’t want to mess that locker room up,” one source with knowledge of the talks said. “The Bulls have too good of a [locker]... Read more »

Want a new SG for Christmas? Here are some options

Bulls fans have clamored for a new shooting guard for the past several months as the Bulls frequently fail to get adequate production out of our starting two guard.   Derrick Rose has to do extra work without a second creator, and Keith Bogans isn’t spacing the floor any either.   Here’s some thoughts on guys the... Read more »

Bulls in discussions for J.R. Smith?

Per ESPN New York: A league source told that Denver also is in discussions with Chicago regarding a J.R. Smith trade J.R. Smith fits interestingly with the Bulls.  On the one hand, he provides the shooting, athleticism, and size to make an ideal shooting guard next to Derrick Rose.  On the other hand, those... Read more »