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Eric Gordon, Josh Smith, and J.J. Redick are available, are the Bulls interested?

With the trade deadline approaching, the Bulls should look at the potential to achieve any one of three or four different goals. A failure to achieve a goal isn't a failure by the front office though as frequently there's no possible method to achieve your goals. If there was then 30 teams would hoist the championship trophy every year...

If options dry up, trade for J.J. Redick

If options dry up, trade for J.J. Redick
The Bulls need another SG, they were obviously highly interested in J.J. Redick last season as they were willing to bed three years and twenty million dollars on him. The Magic, in an attempt to go for the ring, matched the offer...

The shooting guard position going forward

Whether the Bulls win the championship or not this year, there are still areas in which the team can improve significally in terms of filling out their roster. So just for now, let’s ignore everything called playoffs and lock-out. Imagine both dealt with. The obvious concern regarding Chicago’s roster is at the shooting guard position.... Read more »