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Ron Harper and Horace Grant square off in Bulls analysis, who you got?

Okay, it wasn't a competition, but when Nick Friedell interviewed the pair, they came up with widely different answers on what these Bulls need to do in order to reach championship glory...

Bulls host Jazz while honoring the 1st title team 7pm on WGN

The Chicago Bulls continue to honor the 20th anniversary of the first title during the season with their best chance to win one since the end of the Jordan era.   With Boston losing two straight, the Bulls now have a legitimate chance to take the East and the much easier playoff route that goes... Read more »

What if Jordan didn't retire the first time?

Michael Jordan is unequivocally the greatest player that ever played the game, and the only season he didn’t finish with a ring on his finger after the first one was after he came back rusty and not in basketball shape late in the season.  How would the Bulls history have changed? The most common answer... Read more »