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Does Jerry Krause belong in the Hall of Fame?

Michael, Scottie, Dennis, Phil, and even Tex have all been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Does Jerry Krause deserve to join them...

Dennis Rodman's strange hall of fame speech

There was a ton of debate about whether Dennis Rodman would get into the Hall of Fame. That debate seemingly had little merit, as he made it in fairly quickly and wasn't left waiting around. On Saturday, he finally made it in, and delivered an emotional induction speech...

Is Derrick Rose already a Hall of Fame lock?

How long does Derrick Rose need to play at his present level in order to reach the Hall of Fame? At 22 years old, it seems absurd to call anyone a lock for the Hall of Fame, but Derrick Rose may have already more or less cinched it...

Jerry Krause for the Hall of Fame?

Jerry Krause for the Hall of Fame?
Interesting read from K.C. Johnson: “Phil Jackson was on his way out of basketball. Krause spotted him coaching the Albany Patroons. Phil wrote in one of his books he had given up any chance of getting back in the NBA. He was about to go to law school when Krause came after him. I also... Read more »

Rodman elected to HOF, Bulls magic number down to five

Per Detroit free press: Former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Dennis Rodman has been elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The official announcement is expected to be made Monday at the Final Four in Houston. Rodman shared the news the with media before tonight’s ceremony to retire his No. 10 at the Palace. Congrats Dennis,... Read more »

Ex-Bulls representing the Hall of Fame finalists

Reggie Miller apparently wasn’t good enough to get nominated on his first ballot.   However, while I think it’s ridiculous, I’m not a Pacers fan, so I’m not going to rant too much about it’s ridiculousness. The good news is three ex-Bulls are finalists for the Hall.   Dennis Rodman, Dick Motta, and Tex Winter.   Here... Read more »

Dennis Rodman, HOF worthy, re-opening the debate

Dennis Rodman was at Scottie’s HOF induction and spent some of that time campaigning for his own induction.   I blogged about this possibility before and came up kind of neutral on the topic, and I’m reopening the subject for debate. He has some impressive credentials: Key member of 5 NBA title teamsDefensive player of... Read more »

Bulls Beat #154 - Pippen's in

I usually do everything in a PG to PG13 type of style, but I got a bit carried away in this one, so don’t play it in the car with the kids. Bulls Beat #154 – Pippen’s in and some rated R rants   Some discussion of Scottie Pippen’s hall of fame induction, why theMiami... Read more »

Scottie Pippen's Hall of Fame speech

As expected Pippen gave a fairly standard humble speech.   He used all of his time just to say thank you to everyone who helped him. He started by thanking everyone in his family.  His parents, siblings, wife, kids.   He went on to thank a childhood friend, his high school coach, college coaches, remembering those who... Read more »

Scottie's taking the last shot

Per KC Johnson: “Michael can’t do nothing but sit back and watch me take the last shot,” Pippen said. “I realized I was in a great situation playing in Chicago, playing alongside Michael,” Pippen said. “I also knew it could’ve been different for me, but I enjoyed the path I took. I was able to... Read more »