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'Red Rocket,' Bogans foil villain Pacers

What’s this?! On a hallowed strip of paint inside the fortress known to all Chicago citizens as United Center, home of our heroes, the Chicago Bulls, villainy looms. A gleaming blue, 7’2 form hovers ominously near ‘the rim of sanctity.’ It is none other then Roy Hibbert, towering member of the dread Blue Marauders(heretofore known as the Indiana Pacers). Two... Read more »

Bulls offense needs come back in Game 5

What do you call an offensive collapse of the magnitude that the Chicago Bulls have displayed against the Pacers? A slump? Well, looking at the numbers across the board it’s hard to categorize the implosion of every key players numbers at the same time as a slump. Look at regular season vs. playoffs.         Regular Season  ... Read more »

Bulls should be better in Game 4

“The Pacers are a much better team then their record/people think.” Repeat. Sure it’s debatable that Indiana is playing better then say Philly, New York, Atlanta..? Still I mean you’re talking about a team  with a novice, post firing replacement coach, and only one all-star at best in Granger. Stars are always subjective, but many have... Read more »