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Bulls blocked Deng from playing for GB?

At least according to some British basketball site that seems to have no idea what it’s talking about. NBA superstar Luol Deng is set to be ruled out of GB’s basketball squad after the Chicago Bulls won a club versus country fight over the crocked ace. The article makes it sound like this choice was... Read more »

Luol Deng's health in his own words

KC has a transcript of a Deng interview, while it’s primarily about his commitment to GB, it had some good stuff.  Deng’s take on his injury sure has a different feel from it than the Bulls discussions though they’re essentially saying the same thing. Yes, with the pace I’m going right now I should be... Read more »

Luol Deng to play for GB no matter what?

Deng ready to defy trainers, play for GB “I recommended to him that he take the whole summer off and not even train with me,” Thorpe said. “But Luol told me that was not acceptable. There is no way he is not going to help GB in some capacity. He will maybe not play as... Read more »