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Atlanta Hawks just got MVP'd

Maybe Jamal Crawford was discussing the March 11th game where the Bulls won by 18 when talking about the best punch.  Yeah..  That’s the ticket. Derrick Rose went for a new career high scoring 44 points on 16/27 shooting, 4/7 on threes, and 8/9 from the free throw line while more or less utterly annihilating... Read more »

Bulls at Hawks 6pm on ESPN (Round 2, Game 3)

The Chicago Bulls tied up their series on Wednesday after a shocking game one upset.  However, they’ve still got a long way to go in order to close out the Hawks.  The odd numbered games in a series are always the games that exercise control.   Win game three, and you need two wins in the... Read more »

Pacers don't go away, but don't win either

Riding home from the game and listening to Vogel talk, again, about how the Pacers played hard and deserved to win, but just couldn’t quite do it gave me kind of a chuckle. Look, you simply can’t play the moral victory card three games in a row.   In general, I’m a believer that if a... Read more »

Bulls @ Pacers 6pm on CSN/TNT

The Chicago Bulls haven’t played their best game in the playoffs thus far, but they’ve still managed to put a stranglehold on their first round playoff series with Indiana.   94% of the time the home team wins the first two games of a series, they go on to win the entire series, and I... Read more »

Bulls beat Milwaukee 83-81 in defense-fest.

This game was a tale of two quarters really.   The first quarter where the Bulls offense was absolutely atrocious, and the 3rd quarter where the Bulls took a huge chunk of Milwaukee’s lead away from them. All in all, this game was an excellent representation about my fears with the Bulls.  The offense is... Read more »

Bucks beat Bulls - 98 to 86

Some Bucks fans were no doubt cheated out of Big Macs, Tacos, or whatever promo they’ve got running there and are now thinking “Why couldn’t we have hit one more shot?”. That said, here’s how the team looked this game player by player: We’ll start with the starting lineup.  Kirk Hinrich – He actually put... Read more »