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NBA refs locked out, what will it mean to the Bulls?

Per ESPN: NBA referees expected a lockout to be “imminent” after negotiations Wednesday between their union and the league failed to produce a new collective agreement. After rejecting the league’s latest offer by a vote of 57-0 at their meeting in Chicago on Wednesday night, the union and league exchanged further counterproposals Thursday, with the... Read more »

Jordan's HOF speech

Who know’s how long the links will be valid, but they’re up at youtube. Part 1Part 2 Part 3 It was a long winding speech where he revisits each little slight over his career and how it motivated him mixed in with occasional references to those who helped him out along the way. Adrian Wojnarowski... Read more »

The Weakness of Derrick Rose

“My strength is made perfect in weakness.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9What could Derrick Rose and an English poet from the 17th century possibly have in common?  Only a shared desire to be the best in their respective fields.  That, and a natural sense of rhythm. The author John Milton took the above Bible verse for... Read more »

Hoopsworld: Amare trade desination (Bulls 3rd)

Hoopsworld broke down some places Amare could be shipped off to.   The Bulls came in as 3rd on the list with the following proposal. Chicago Bulls send Tyrus Thomas ($4.7 million for 2009-2010), John Salmons (two years and $11.2 million left on current contract), and Jerome James ($6.6 million expiring contract), — To Phoenix in... Read more »

Derrick Rose, Endorsement star?

Hoopsworld has a blurb on Derrick Rose as an endorsement star. Derrick Rose Moving Up: Admittedly this is not going to be a good week for Derrick Rose, with word that the University of Memphis will surrender its Final Four season. Because of improprieties from Rose’s SATs and travel benefits given to his brother, Rose... Read more »

Sox get Rios, Bulls get Pargo

So my argument that spending huge money on Peavy proves Reinsdorf loves the Sox more than the Bulls wasn’t too moving to a lot of you.   Different sports, different rules, Peavy’s awesome, Gordon stinks etc, etc.. How about spending 59.7 million dollars on Alex Rios?   Are you going to tell me this guy is also... Read more »