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Joakim Noah scheduled to return to French national team

The French national team set at ease any fears we had surrounding Joakim Noah's ankle injury when they announced he's set to return to the team later this week...

French national team sends Joakim Noah home due to bad ankle

The news broke a couple of days ago that Joakim Noah was sent home from the national team due to an injury. My first thought was the thumb...

Joakim Noah discusses extension and French national team commitment

Great article up by Nick Freidell: “I came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar fasciitis and we’re negotiating my contract right now that’s basically going to get me financially set for a little while so I can’t really mess that up,” he said. “My priority is definitely with the Bulls right now. “The... Read more »

More on Joakim, the Bulls, and the French national team

Sources close to me have given me a bit more information on the Chicago Bulls take with Joakim Noah and the French national team. The Bulls weren’t happy with Joakim playing for France this year because during exit interviews they set up a workout plan with Joakim on how to best prepare for next year. ... Read more »

Bulls forced Noah to leave national team?

According to Eurobasket the Bulls have forced Noah to withdraw from the French National Team.  Even though he started preparations and played at the Tournament in Strasbourg, Noah was forced to withdraw form the team even though he is not injured. It is expected that French Basketball will file an appeal with FIBA because of... Read more »