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How does a Boozer trade impact 2010 free agency?

Let’s assume for a moment that the Bulls manage to pull off the three way trade for Boozer where they lose Tyrus and Hinrich and don’t pick up any additional players whose contract extends into 2010.   How would this effect the Bulls future in regards to the mythical 2010 free agency group? First, the... Read more »

Sam Smith's masteful piece on FA

Sam Smith’s blog for the Bulls has a huge piece on the lack of roster spots and money out there for free agents to take.   It appears there will be a plethora of cheap options for the Bulls to pursue that may sign for the minimum or less than the MLE. The article is definitely... Read more »

Can Iverson deliver Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade to the Bulls?

Allen Iverson’s reputation has taken a large hit over the past few years as the team’s around him have struggled.   Watching the Nuggets improve tremendously when Chauncy Billups replaced him and then seeing Detroit fall to pieces nailed shut the coffin on his reputation. The Bulls have at least considered bringing him in though it... Read more »

Pargo talking to the Bulls

Adrian Wojnarowski’s twitter: Jannero Pargo met with Bulls today about filling in for some of Ben Gordon’s lost scoring, his rep confirmed. “Great meeting,” agent said. This makes sense for the Bulls.   Pargo will be a reasonably priced back up guard who can provide some shooting and big scoring bursts.    He’s performed well in a... Read more »

Ben Gordon on his departure

Some quotes from the Daily Herald: “To the fans, I generally had a great time being here,” Gordon said in a phone interview. “For my true fans, I feel bad for them. The longtime fans of the Chicago Bulls – I just felt like they’re being cheated.“Not with me, but just things that happened in... Read more »

Did the Bulls fail to capitalize on Ben Gordon?

Ben Gordon stakes out his claim as the first player in the history of the NBA to take the qualifying offer and benefit.   What does this say about the acrimonious contract negotiations over the past two years?    How did the Bulls fail to capitalize on him as an asset within the organization? First, let’s start... Read more »

Ben Gordon meeting with Detroit Pistons

Yahoo sports reports that Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are meeting with the Detroit Pistons today and that a deal may be consumated quickly. Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon and Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva flew to Detroit on Wednesday morning for a mid-day meeting with team president Joe Dumars and indications are both are... Read more »

No offers for Gordon yet; Boozer opts to stay with Jazz

Ben Gordon didn’t get the midnight treatment from an NBA team flying out to see him with a contract offer on the table, however he did get some good news. Carlos Boozer exercised his player option to stay with the Jazz eliminating one of the major players in free agency who would have taken up... Read more »

Ben Gordon rumors abound

Gordon to Detroit: Langlois: The only way I see Turkoglu coming is if they had a deal in place for Prince to address the middle. If not, I think Portland will do its best to make a play for Turkoglu. The few extra million the Blazers cleared on draft night might help. If not Portland,... Read more »

Free Agency looms over Ben Gordon and the Chicago Bulls

The Bulls may not have any cap space, but the direction of the franchise hinges on free agency this off-season.   Every successful team has a group of core players in it which they attempt to build around with everyone else fit in based on how they complement the core players more so than overall talent... Read more »