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Thibodeau upset about contract? Doubt it

Thibodeau upset about contract?  Doubt it
Mark Stein first reported yesterday that Tom Thibodeau was quietly grousing about the fact the Bulls hadn't offered him an extension. Thibodeau publicly denied the story after the Bulls beat the Pistons last night. Thibodeau deserves a raise. I know it, you know it, he knows it, and the Bulls know it...

Bulls defeat Pacers after Rose agrees to max extension

Bulls defeat Pacers after Rose agrees to max extension
The most important, but least surprising, news of the preseason is that Derrick Rose has agreed to a five year max extension with the Chicago Bulls. Interestingly, it seems all of us doing the math on the extension somehow did it incorrectly, as Rose's first year of salary was only 16.3 million while everyone was calculating 17.4 million...

Noah "isn't happy" with 5/57 offer from Bulls

Per Alex Kennedy’s twitter (tweet1) (tweet2): Noah has popped up in trade rumors but he won’t be moved. The real drama unfolding is the Bulls trying to ink an extension with Noah’s camp. The contract extension the Chicago Bulls offered Joakim Noah several weeks ago was actually a five-year, $57 million deal. Noah isn’t happy.... Read more »

Bulls Beat #158 - Noah extension talks

Bulls Beat #158 – Noah extension talks Some light talk about our new assistant coaches, more on our odds of getting Carmelo, plenty of discussion on Noah’s extension, and some more hate directed at the Miami Heat

Noah holding out for 70 million?

Per Hoopsworld’s twitter: Sources tell HOOPSWORLD Joakim Noah has 5-year $60 million extension offer from Chicago, is holding out for bigger deal $70-$75 million First, I caution you with Hoopsworld.   I don’t think Hoopsworld makes things up, but I do think they print anything regardless of how weakly sourced it is.  So while acknowledging this... Read more »

Bulls offered Noah 60 million?

Per Alex Kennedy’s twitter: The Chicago Bulls offered Joakim Noah a five-year, $60 million extension two weeks ago. Hard to believe that they’re ready to move him now. Well that’s a sobering thought for anyone who thought Noah would come cheaply.  That’s more than I’d offer this season, it could be the max contract next... Read more »

Kobe signs monster extension guaranteeing future bad contract status

Kobe Bryant had the ability to become an unrestricted free agent this off-season, and while it was basically never talked about because no one believed he’d actually leave the Lakers, there was always some small sliver of a chance he could take up someone’s cap space this off-season.  That chance is now gone. Kobe signed... Read more »

Chicago Bulls won't pay Amare the max; would pay Bosh

Mike McGraw dropped this bombshell on the Bulls fan base By adding to their pile of assets and expiring contracts, the Bulls are hoping to be in position to get Toronto’s Chris Bosh at the trade deadline or next summer. There may be other targets, such as Carlos Boozer or Amare Stoudemire. That raises another... Read more »

Bosh not to sign extension with Toronto this summer

Chris Bosh said he isn’t going to sign an extension this summer because he wants to hit free agency next season. “(When) I signed a three-year (extension in 2006)… I had a goal in mind, and that was to put myself in the best position (in 2010) … I’m thinking I just want to stick... Read more »

Let's make a deal, the Tyrus Thomas version

Lost in an uninspiring playoff performance, Tyrus Thomas improved tremendously in his third season.    Sure, his highlight reel plays don’t always make up for mediocre defensive rebounding, lack of focus, and poor fundamentals, but he had genuine improvement in his fouling, shooting, and consistency.    The aftermath of a good season and poor post-season leaves us... Read more »