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Does the Bulls front office hang on to assets too long?

The NBA can be a world of buy low and sell high. One of the tricky things about running a team is knowing when to cut bait with a player and when to hang on to one. Some guys can be effective into their mid to late 30s while other guys lose value in their late 20s. Some players just have a lucky season while other guys whom look like they're having a lucky season develop into stars. How has Chicago done with asset management...

Latest rumored signings and impact on the Bulls

Yesterday was the first day that signings were leaking around the league including several players the bulls were "targeting", and the league nixing a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers...

Best of the Bulls [post Jordan edition]

So I brought you the bust-a-bulls earlier, but what’s the best of the best of the Bulls look like from the past dozens seasons? In sportscenter style, not appearing on this list?   Ben Wallace – 06/07, I thought you were a waste then even if the fruits of your disruptive, negative energy didn’t fully show... Read more »

Eddy Curry wants to revive career with LeBron in Chicago (or Cleveland)

Per the New York Daily News: According to a source close to Curry, the Knicks‘ veteran center met with James in Ohio to discuss Curry’s future, which may or may not include having LeBron as a teammate. The conversation, the source said, “had nothing to do with Eddy trying to recruit LeBron to New York.”... Read more »

New York losing ammunition in Bosh S&T?

Per Chad Ford on True Hoop: The same source told me that a Turkoglu trade was already in the works and could happen by the draft. While the source was confident something would happen, the source didn’t disclose the potential destination(s). The Knicks best offer to Toronto for Chris Bosh began with them taking Turkoglu’s... Read more »

Plan E, no really, that's the one we're on:

Here’s a great write up of all the post dynasty plans the Bulls have run though separated into distinct groupings where the team’s identity changed.   The Bulls are presently on plan #5.   In some ways that sounds terrible to fans I’m sure.  Plan 5?!   What the heck, how could we not get it right... Read more »

LeBron reaching out to Eddy Curry

This is kind of fascinating in many ways: LeBron James has reached out to the Knicks, which may or may not be such a good thing for Donnie Walsh‘s club. James, according to a source, has contacted Knicks center Eddy Curry about working out together at some point during the offseason. There may be nothing... Read more »