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Bulls vs Heat 7:30 on TNT - last gasp

We saw the Oklahoma City Thunder go down last night to the Dallas Mavericks in their last gasp.   Can the Chicago Bulls pull off a win to extend the series?   The theory is simple.   Go get this one.  It’s at home.  You’ve played this team pretty evenly most of the series, you can... Read more »

Sadly the Heat are too big, too strong, too fast, too good

This was an overtime game, and as such, a million things could have happened that didn’t that would have swung the game, starting with Derrick Rose’s missed free throw at the end which would have been the difference had the rest of the game played out similarly. We could also look at Rose’s consecutive missed... Read more »

Bulls at Heat 7:30 on TNT - reset the series

The closest a series can be after three games is 2-1.   The Chicago Bulls trail the Heat by that margin, and the pressure is on.  If Chicago wins, the pressure swings back to Miami. The teams will be entering a three game series where Chicago has home court.   If the Heat win, they will... Read more »

Bulls at Heat 7:30 on TNT - Taking control

The Chicago Bulls take their talents down to South Beach for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals.   Going into an odd numbered game tied up always increased the importance of the game.   The winner has a considerable advantage for the rest of the series as the loser is typically in dire straights... Read more »

Bulls vs Heat 7:30 on TNT - The swing game?

The Chicago Bulls square off against the Miami Heat in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals.   So far, everyone has discussed what a long and tough series this is going to be, but like every series, the team facing an 0-1 deficit is in dire straights entering game two. If Chicago pulls off... Read more »

Chicago crushes Miami, killing them in all phases

The first half was close.   In fact, the first quarter was scary.    The Heat started off generating all kinds of fast break points, getting out in transition, getting offensive rebounds.   All of the things Chicago needed to do to stay in the game, the Heat were doing even better. The Bulls turned... Read more »

Bulls vs Heat 7pm on TNT - Apply the pressure

Every game is critical in this series, but game one has an especially interesting dynamic.   The Miami Heat have never trailed in a series.  They’ve never faced any adversity in the playoffs.   They’ve folded in the regular season at times when the going got tough, and while they since rebounded, they haven’t had... Read more »

How the Bulls can beat the Heat

How the Bulls can beat the Heat
Since the start of the playoffs, it looked obvious that two teams had separated themselves from the pack.   The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat.   It seemed inevitable (at least to me) that they would meet in the Eastern Conference Finals.  No offense to Atlanta or Boston, but they simply aren’t on the same... Read more »