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Earl Clark skips workout with Chicago Bulls

K.C. Johnson is reporting that Earl Clark has skipped his workout with the Chicago Bulls due to an “injury”. Louisville power forward Earl Clark, listed on some mock drafts as a Bulls’ target, skipped Sunday’s draft workout at the Berto Center. The 6-foot-10-inch Clark cited injury as why he withdrew, although it’s also possible he... Read more »

Earl Clark - Draft Capsule

Earl ClarkJunior, LouisvilleNBA Position: SF/PFH: 6’9, W: 220 lbs, Age: 21 Clark looks the part of NBA prospect especially if you see a highlight reel.   Unlike most prospects, Clark appears to have missed the memo about lying about your height for your college profile as he looks like a legit 6’9.    He has great physical... Read more »

Blair and Clark coming in for a workout

Sources told me that Dejaun Blair and Earl Clark among others unknown players (not meant to imply good or bad just unknown) are coming in for a workout with the Bulls sometime next week.  This workout could not only determine whether the Bulls try to move up, but whom they move up for.