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Bulls shopping Deng?

Two separate rumors popped up today involving the Bulls' Luol Deng for a high lottery pick. The first from Rick Bucher noting that the Cavs were perhaps interested in Deng for the #1 overall pick in the draft [with the Bulls sending something else as well], and the second was with the Bulls approaching the Wizards for the #3 pick which would likely also return Emeka Okafor in the deal to Chicago...

Chicago Bulls won't, can't tank for a draft pick

I read this theory all of the time. The Bulls should throw in the towel on this season and rebuild around Rose. There are several problems with this theory, but the biggest problem is that they already missed their window of opportunity to do it. Attempting it now would provide a half-assed attempt that would not facilitate rebuilding but only weaken the team...

Draft day surprises

With 2012 NBA Draft coming near, I thought about looking at some under-rated prospects we have not talked. Below are prospects that I feel have a chance to be a huge surprise at the next level. Since we have covered a lot of late first/early 2nd, I feel it is a good chance to talk about other players that I could not get to...

Latest ask Sam [Blair vs Gibson]

This one somehow slipped by me over the weekend, but the latest ask Sam is up at  Sam’s always a good read, but I’m going to have to disagree with him on this one in response to whether the Bulls should have taken Blair over Taj Gibson Sam: No. The point is to get... Read more »

Raising James

I didn’t want to write about James Johnson.  Not yet.  Doug’s already given his take and really, the Bulls won’t know what they have in him until at least Christmas.  But then, in my first taste of the watered-down wine that is the NBA preseason, he went and did this: So even though it’s entirely... Read more »

Gar Forman on Waddle and Silvy

Gar Foreman appeared on the Waddle and Silvy show to address the draft last night.  He went into a wide array of topics related to trades, talent and value. Forman says the Bulls identified Johnson as a top 5-7 talent in the draft.   I have no problem believing that.   I had Johnson ranked in my... Read more »

Morning after: Draft thoughts and the new makeup of the Chicago Bulls

After a night to sleep on a relatively boring draft, I’ve come up with the key questions relating to the Bulls going forward, and how our draft effects the rest of our summer.  First, James Johnson is still a stud, relatively speaking, and I’m happy we drafted him.   Taj Gibson, after looking up his profile,... Read more »

Showdown workout doomed Blair? Mullens?

The Bulls brought in Dejuan Blair and B.J. Mullens for a second workout right before the end of the draft, and it was shortly after this workout that the Bulls decided to take Taj Gibson according to my sources.   It seems like the Bulls may have passed on Blair based on talent and not knee... Read more »

Chicago Bulls take Taj Gibson at #26

With DeJuan Blair on the board, the Chicago Bulls select Taj Gibson disappointing most Bulls fans.   While Blair’s knee issues where a challenge, it’s surprising to pass him here.   Gibson isn’t a player I scouted, so I don’t have an in depth view of him. This pick looks like a promise pick though as... Read more »

Bulls select James Johnson #16

The Chicago Bulls selected James Johnson with the 16th pick of the draft.   Johnson has been the man I’ve hoped the Bulls would take since I began scouting players for the draft ranking 9th overall on my personal draft board. Johnson excels at taking players off the dribble.   He has the weight and bulk... Read more »