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Bulls preparing to go conservative due to new CBA?

Nick Friedell: It’s doubtful the Bulls will make a major move on draft night. The last thing they want to do is add another high-salaried player because of the uncertainty of the impending lockout and new collective bargaining agreement. The safer bet is the Bulls will decide to make both selections. Yes, first-round contracts are... Read more »

Plan B: The "I thought of it this morning while waiting for the train in -18 degree weather at 5:30am and possibly not sane" plan

We need a plan.  Without a plan there’s no attack.  Without attack there’s no victory.   [I don't even know what movie that's from, but I can hear it in my head] With the Bulls playing like the worst team in the NBA right now, the hopes of landing one of the top few FAs in... Read more »