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Ben Gordon documentary trailer

The trailer sends the ever so common mixed message.   It starts with the phrase that he’d play for free, followed up with how it’s a business decision.   Can you have it both ways?  My opinion is no. I’ve always agreed with the player’s right to bargain for the maximal amount of money.  Gordon did that... Read more »

Ben Gordon's documentary, an interview with Daemian Brown

Sometimes fortune smiles upon you, and last night was one of those nights.   I spent about a half hour discussing Ben Gordon’s new documentary with Daemian Brown, the director, producer, and long time friend of Ben about the documentary. After hearing more about it, I think it has a chance to be very special. The... Read more »

Ben Gordon making a documentary?

Hoopsworld had some notes about Gordon with a bunch of the same quotes that Gordon will likely give every time he’s asked about the bulls for the next year.  It’s a business, the Bulls weren’t interested, he understands, etc..   However, it did have one very interesting note.  Ben Gordon is finishing up a documentary. So... Read more »