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2010-2011 Bulls vs. 2016-2017 Timberwolves

2010-2011 Bulls vs. 2016-2017 Timberwolves
Barring some incredible win streak, Tom Thibodeau’s 1st season as the President / Coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves will fall short of the 2010-2011 Bulls record of 62-20. The Minnesota Timberwolves stopped by the United Center Tuesday night- #TheReturn of 5 year coach Tom Thibodeau- This will be his first encounter with his former team after... Read more »

Bulls offense needs come back in Game 5

What do you call an offensive collapse of the magnitude that the Chicago Bulls have displayed against the Pacers? A slump? Well, looking at the numbers across the board it’s hard to categorize the implosion of every key players numbers at the same time as a slump. Look at regular season vs. playoffs.         Regular Season  ... Read more »

Luol Deng medically cleared

According to the latest Sam Smith: Luol Deng has been cleared for basketball workouts and to begin playing in the next week or two. Reports are his stress fracture is healed, and everyone is holding their breath that it doesn’t develop again. No one can be truly sure until Deng begins to play. Chicago attorney... Read more »

Luol Deng's shooting well, close to 100% healthy

My sources have confirmed with me that Deng is working out two to three times per day, but while close to 100% isn’t quite there yet.   The healing process has taken longer than expected, but Luol’s doing everything in his power to be ready to step up this season. The reports of how he looks... Read more »

Would the Chicago Bulls trade for Carlos Boozer?

While this piece bleeds blind speculation, the concept of the Jazz dumping Boozer if they can agree to terms with Paul Millsap is straight forward enough.   The Bulls were named as a trade partner out of random guess more so than anything else.   However, here are a few trade ideas that could land Boozer in... Read more »